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About E-Sanchar

This app allows you to do the address validation of individual safely from their home or office. Our technology allows you to validate both addresses given by the customer or candidate.
E-Sanchar is an application that enables address validation through digital means, allowing users to verify their addresses from the comfort of their homes.

Packed with amazing features

  • Real-time Address Validation
                                Paperless Process
  • Real-time Address Validation
                                Realtime Report
  • Real-time Address Validation
                                Data Security
  • Real-time Address Validation
  • Real-time Address Validation
                                API Integration
  • Real-time Address Validation
                                Quick TAT
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Why E-Sanchar ?

  • 1

    Data Security

    Our app ensure secure data integrity in digital address verification and Protecting sensitive information.

  • 2

    Address Validation

    We provide 100% accurate and reliable address validation for seamless data verification.

  • 3


    We Enhance traceability for digital address verification, ensuring transparent data tracking.

  • 4


    Our app provides flexible customization options for tailored digital address verification solutions.

  • 5


    We provide streamlined address standardization for consistent and reliable digital verification.


Simplify your
Address Verification journey with the speed, accuracy, and convenience of digital solutions.

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Description with video

E-Sanchar is an application that enables address validation through digital means, allowing users to verify their addresses from the comfort of their homes. The application simplifies the address verification process by minimizing the required steps. It involves creating an address verification case for the user, assigning the case to them, and guiding them through the verification process with a series of steps.

E-Sanchar provides you with the knowledge you need to effortlessly integrate our program into your systems and use its extensive capabilities. With our detailed documentation, you'll be able to unleash the potential of faster address verification and improve your business operations.

Steps for Digital Self Address Validation

  • Push link via SMS/Email/WhatsApp

  • Upload Data

  • Geo location of Selfie provider

  • Report Generation

For More Updates

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Digital address verification accelerates the process, saving time and resources while improving operational efficiency.

  • Increased Accuracy

    Leveraging digital technologies ensures precise and reliable address verification, minimizing errors and improving data quality.

  • Cost Savings

    Digital verification eliminates the need for manual verification methods, reducing costs associated with manual labor, paperwork, and potential errors.

  • Better Customer Experience

    Swift and seamless digital address verification enhances the overall customer experience by reducing wait times

  • Enhanced Security

    Digital address verification solutions offer advanced security measures to protect sensitive customer data and prevent fraudulent activities

  • Scalability

    Digital solutions provide the flexibility to handle a high volume of address verifications, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Overview of E-Sanchar

Here are the workflow that is to be followed for Real Time Digital Address Verification.

  • Step 1

    The self verification URL will be sent to the candidate where he/she can complete their verification.

  • Step 2

    In this step, the candidate has to allow permission to add their current location and have to confirm their permanent location is correct.

  • Step 3

    In this step the candidate has to upload their selfie and also answer the template questions.

  • Step 4

    In this step the candidate has to upload the required documents for the verification.

  • Step 5

    At last if all the checks are filled the candidate has to submit it for the further process.